Find out what your intuition has to say about your finances in 60-minutes.

And explore how your relationship with money is holding you back (without number-crunching).


The world of finance can feel very masculine and seem like it’s always black & white (or black & red).

Especially if we only look at the outer work involved in creating new habits around money. However, a lot of how we handle our finances is linked to our personality (inner work), and spirituality (higher work).

Not everything about your money is black and white.

There are gray areas that we can explore, and it doesn’t have to feel like a male-dominated realm. Because women CAN master their money mindset and create financially friendly habits while staying aligned with their feminine side.

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Finance doesn't have to be cold, stale, or a "man" thing. It can be cozy and intuitive and I want to show you how.

The Bigger Picture:

When you think about finances, you may imagine spreadsheets and stale financial reports.

But these are just one small piece of your financial picture. They can’t explain the entirety of your relationship with money, which is why, you may have struggled in the past to reconcile your finances. These spreadsheets and numbers are simply not enough.

We can use tools like tarot and oracle cards to help us tune-in to our intuition and find answers within.
Diane Carr
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What a special service Jenny offers, using a combination of Tarot decks and her deeply insightful clarity! Having experienced many styles of Intuitives and methodologies, the balance and consistency she provides for someone fairly new to the medium is remarkable. For clients wanting to add a more objective, introspective depth of knowledge into the coaching conversations designed for them to reach their highest, integrated, financial potential, I highly recommend investing in an intuitive strategy session with Jenny.
— Diane Carr

My finance-focused tarot reading for creative business owners helps to deepen and improve your money mindset.

This is a safe space without judgement and an opportunity to have a conversation about money, a topic that often feels taboo, with an experienced financial coach and tarot reader (with the perfect blend of intuition and analysis).


How it works:

During our 60-minute intuitive money strategy session (via Zoom) we’ll look at 7 physical cards for a money-specific reading. We’ll examine your current relationship with money, potential money blocks, your money foundation, money habits you need to drop or adopt, and next action steps to take. I will also answer any money questions that you may have.*


What's included:

An intimate and intuitive money mindset call.

60-minute 1:1 call with me (an intuitive AND pragmatic financial coach) where we’ll uncover + unlock your relationship with money.

Strategic and intuitive guidance

Strategic and intuitive guidance for the logical next steps in your money evolution based on your goals, preferences, & priorities.

Audio and video recordings for you to keep

Audio and video recordings of our session and a copy of the money tarot spread that we use so that you can revisit and review it, as needed.


Simply click the button below to schedule your intuitive money strategy session and fill out the brief form so that I can get a feel for your current relationship with money.



Obviously, the advice given during our session is for discussion and inspiration only and does not replace professional medical, legal, or financial advice.