Get cash flow clarity in a single 3-hour intensive.

With a personalized budget blueprint for the money-savvy side-hustler.


You’re a super-driven entrepreneur who believes in quality over quantity. 

You could list off business statistics in a heartbeat that you’ve been gathering since day one of building your dream business.

You wouldn’t call yourself a number nerd per se, but you love making money and you’re pretty good at it. Even though you’ve done your fair share to set your business up for success (with separate personal and business accounts, conservative tax savings, and a manageable bookkeeping routine), BUT…

 You’re spending the money as soon as it comes in and you’re not able to save for retirement or an emergency fund so that you can finally kiss your day-job goodbye (or hire the support team you need in order to scale).
Finance your dreams: travel, scaling your business, and saving for retirement.

Another Solution:

There IS another way! You CAN have a plan, quit your day job, and feel financially empowered.

And it doesn’t require starting from scratch, watching hours of tutorials, or doing it alone.

Katie Hyslop
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Working with Jenny was eye opening and the kick in the pants you need to get serious about your finances. My husband is now on board and feels more included in our finances, which was an important step for me to be comfortable going full time in my business. Each month that we’ve used YNAB, our expenses have gone down, and we know exactly where our funds have been going. Our credit card debt is gone, and our savings are growing. We’ve even started saving for retirement, and began investing.
— Katie Hyslop, Kathryn Hyslop Photography

Introducing The Cash Flow Coaching Intensive: one 3-hr intensive session, with a 30-min follow-up call.

In 3 hours, you’ll know exactly where your money is going, and how much you need to save to meet your ultimate goal of sweet, sweet, freedom.


How it works:

In our 3-hour intensive session, you’ll get hands-on guidance and implementation of a personalized budget blueprint for your business (including personal finances) using the “You Need A Budget” app, so that you don’t have to watch hours and hours of tutorials in order to have clarity and an actionable plan. PLUS, you’ll get a 30-minute follow-up call to use at your convenience.


What happens next:

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