Transform your money habits and take charge of your financial destiny in six months.


You’re a visionary (and intuitive) creative, motivated by having the freedom to live your best life…

But when it comes to crunching numbers and forecasting for the future:

  1. You tend to shut down.
  2. You wish that you could make better money decisions…

Every time you try to improve your financial health, you feel overwhelmed and procrastinate on your bookkeeping and taxes in hopes that it’ll go away. 

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  1. You don’t really understand the relationship you have with money (or how to change it).

  2. Things like taxes or “profit and loss” statements are completely confusing and overwhelming.

  3. You aren’t exactly sure where your money is going and you’re often scared to look.

  4. You’re nowhere near where you want to be financially (or where you feel you should be by now).

  1. You keep your money in your business and don’t pay yourself a steady salary.

  2. You have massive student loan debt that keeps you feeling trapped.

  3. You’ve tried creating budgets and tracking expenses but you always seem to end up getting overwhelmed or just “forgetting” (and so you just give up).

This money story doesn’t have to be YOUR story.
It's time to implement smart financial solutions that can get you out of debt. Because you can be debt-free and travel the world and I want to help you do it.

There is an alternative:

You can be debt-free, travel the world, AND have a healthy savings account…

By implementing smart financial solutions (that we customize to your specific goals and desires) so that you never feel restricted, confused, or broke again.

Maggie Miller of
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Jenny was a breath of fresh air for me when I was feeling anxious about my finances. She was extremely patient with me from the very beginning and walked me step-by-step through her process so that I could fully understand the health of my finances on my own. Since working together, I’ve put money aside to pay myself a salary every month and even opened a Roth IRA! I feel so thankful to have done this work with Jenny, and now I feel so much more confident in myself and my business.
— Maggie Miller, Maggie Gentry

What if you could finally...

  • Clear your money story and know your numbers once-and-for-all.
  • Become budget savvy and even enjoy your budget (yes it IS possible).
  • Live and operate within your means (without a feeling of scarcity).
  • Establish a routine and better habits for managing your money.
  • Remove those lifelong mental blocks around dealing with your finances.
  • Cultivate an abundance mindset (yes, this is real and, no, it’s not too “woo” for you).
  • Know where your money goes each month and where it comes from.
  • Identify ways to spend less, make more, and keep more of what you make.
  • Create a sustainable game plan for tracking, saving, and paying yourself.
  • Set quarterly and annual revenue goals for growth (with exact action steps for how to hit them).
  • Know how to price yourself accurately based on expenses and your desired salary.
  • Develop strategies to avoid the feast-and-famine entrepreneurial struggle.

Well... you can!

I created the 6-month Holistic Money Coaching program specifically to help you…

:: Uncover your inner money confidence

:: Achieve your financial goals

:: Establish lifelong abundance habits…


So that you can liberate yourself from the 60-hour work week and breathe life back into your everyday.

Introducing: the Holistic Money Map coaching program to liberate you from debt and heal your relationship with money once-and-for-all.

The Holistic Money Map program is a deeply transformative 1:1 coaching experience that blends woo with practicality.

I empower you with the tools + guidance to take control of your finances and make peace with your numbers (even if you’ve never liked math).


How it works:

Over six months, and 12 bi-weekly sessions, we will give your financial systems the attention they need so that you can create better habits, feel empowered, and understand how to run a prospering business that supports your core desires in life (because that’s the whole reason you started this business, right?).


What's included:

  1. Step-by-step guidance on how to set up my go-to budgeting app, YNAB (we’ll use it to create a personalized money plan that works for YOUR business –and life). 

  2. Video recordings and screen-sharing tutorials of each session so that you can go back and watch the how-to’s over and over (in case number fatigue sets in).

  3. Worksheets for goal setting + tracking, financial health check-ins, cash flow forecasting, pricing, long-term strategy, and many more. (Don’t worry, these aren’t worksheets that you download to a folder on your computer and never open again, these are the sheets you’ll actually use to track and forecast your finances every month.) 

  4. Pre-session prep and post-session reflections via email so that you stay accountable and focused and we can make the most of our time together.

  1. Unlimited email support to help you make progress in between sessions.

  2. A breakdown of the top budgeting trends + advice, including the nuts and bolts of “zero-sum budgeting”, utilizing the “envelope system”, and the “Profit First” method to build savings in your business (for those inevitable ebbs and flows).

  3. A customized action plan to get you out of debt (for good) and finally build your savings in a sustainable way.

  4. Accountability with weekly goal check-ins (because implementing new habits takes sustained effort, especially when it comes to transforming your relationship with money). 

  5. A judgement-free zone to unpack your relationship with money using a step-by-step process that incorporates taking tangible action, working on your money mindset, and just a little sprinkle of woo to tune into your intuition.

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I would say “struggling” and “financials” no longer go together in my vocabulary now! To the contrary, I feel on top of the world with my finances. Some of the more technical aspects of my finances overwhelm & confuse me sometimes, but I have learned to tackle resistance when it comes to my finances and work through it step by step. It doesn’t have to be scary, it can actually be fun! The difference is that I have the TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE to tackle resistance and the unknown when it comes up, which motivates me to keep moving forward.
— Rachel Fishman, Process/Progress
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What happens next:

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Alexis Buryk, City Love Photography
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Jenny is a rock star financial coach. She is empathic, intelligent, and a true numbers geek, who knows her stuff backward and forward. As the sole owner and employee of my wedding photography business, I was really looking for someone who could contribute the knowledge to push my financials into hyperdrive, and the personality to keep me pleasantly accountable for doing the actual work that would get me there. Within the first 2 weeks of working together, Jenny already helped me to recoup the investment I’d made in her services. She’s the best, and I highly recommend working with her for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
— Alexis Buryk, City Love Photography