Smart financial strategies for creative women…like you.

Gain greater ease + the freedom to live the life of your dreams… 


It's not about the money.

It’s about the freedom to create a life on your terms.

About Jenny Karlsson and Financials for Creatives

You’re a visionary (and intuitive) creative, motivated by having the freedom to live your best life…

But when it comes to crunching numbers and forecasting for the future:

  1. You tend to shut down.
  2. You wish that you could make better money decisions…

Every time you try to improve your financial health, you feel overwhelmed and procrastinate on your bookkeeping and taxes in hopes that it’ll go away. 

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Don't let your relationship with money hold you back from having the life you dream about.

Your current relationship with money is holding you back...

But it doesn't have to.

You CAN take control of your finances, feel confident in managing your cash flow, and make a plan for growth (yes, it’s possible).

Because you don’t just want to get by –you want to thrive.

Talking about finances shouldn't be stiff or clinical. Let's cozy up with your numbers and improve your relationship with money.
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I’m relying on my CPA to fix my messes each year. It’s time to take ownership over my finances so that I can make smarter decisions.

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Money doesn’t give you security and power, understanding money gives you security and power.
— Barbara Stanny
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Maggie Miller of
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Jenny was a breath of fresh air for me when I was feeling anxious about my finances. She was extremely patient with me from the very beginning and walked me step-by-step through her process so that I could fully understand the health of my finances on my own. Since working together, I’ve put money aside to pay myself a salary every month and even opened a Roth IRA! I feel so thankful to have done this work with Jenny, and now I feel so much more confident in myself and my business.
— Maggie Miller, Maggie Gentry

I work exclusively with creative women entrepreneurs, like you, who are in transition in their businesses.

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Whether you want to have the financial stability to finally quit your day job…

savings and stability

Or you want to prepare your finances for buying a home and starting a family…

debt-free without deprivation

Or you’re ready to finally say goodbye to never-ending debt payments for good…


Then I'm here to help you.

Not just by “getting through” that transition – but doing it with confidence.


Wouldn’t it feel freeing to transform your relationship with money once and for all?

Imagine having...

  1. A holistic money plan based on your core values and desires
  2. Clearly defined money goals and tracking criteria for growth
  3. The structure to deal with the ebbs and flows of business finances
  4. Guidelines for when you can and cannot spend money (not rules, guides).
  1. The numbers knowledge to read and utilize your financial reports
  2. Confidence to call your CPA and know what to ask them
  3. A consistent bookkeeping routine and taxes filed on time
  4. An emergency fund, a retirement savings plan, and ZERO DEBT

My clients are creative, passionate entrepreneurs who...

  • Believe that they’re not numbers people
  • Avoid filing their taxes
  • Wish their bookkeeping tasks would disappear
  • Don’t know how to pay themselves
  • Hoard money in their businesses
  • Stay stuck in jobs they can’t stand
  • Carry debt with no end in sight
  • Don’t know where their money is going
  • Lack a backup plan
  • Feel like they’ll never have enough
This money story doesn’t have to be YOUR story.

Grab the money evolution tarot spread!

Identify what is blocking the flow of money and the habits that aren’t serving you anymore.

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