Stop living client-to-client, always on the edge of “just enough”

Identify your limiting money blocks AND set a holistic plan to release them (spreadsheets optional)


Next circle begins OCTOBER 8th 2019


You started this business with the dream of achieving freedom and wealth…

But it seems like no matter how much extra income you earn, your savings account keeps growing at a snail's pace. Somehow the money keeps slipping away…

And you're not entirely sure where it's running off to, because you avoid taking that long hard look at your financial statements. (You're afraid of what you might find there —and of what they might say about you).

You're a creative (and a damn good one), not a systematic planner type. You get lit up by ideas and the beginnings of projects —not by plugging numbers into spreadsheets. (Seriously, the thought of creating a "profit and loss" statement makes you woozy).

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When spreadsheets, self-help books, and money manifesting aren’t enough…

You've tried budgeting, manifesting, and even read Jen Sincero's “You Are a Badass at Making Money” book…

You've also spent (wasted?) money, trying to “get good” at money:

  1. Buying online courses that promise you’ll learn to release your money blocks and manifest miraculous amounts of cash in 6 weeks (BUT you’ve never actually finished one of these courses because there is ZERO accountability or personal attention to keep you motivated and moving forward).  
  2. Hopping from budgeting system to budgeting system in hopes that the next one will be the magical one that “clicks” for you, instead of addressing the core habits and beliefs about money that are holding you back. 
  3. Rambling off affirmations that you honestly don’t believe in, because you simply can’t seem to shift that deep sense of lack to the promised land of abundance.
But your past doesn't dictate your future. YOU can be someone that is  "good at money". YOU can be wealthy. And it doesn't take years...
Together we'll create a holistic money map that feels intuitive and doable.

There is an alternative:

Release your money blocks and reset your mindset around money starting with my 6-week intimate group experience.

By implementing smart financial solutions (that we customize to your specific goals and desires) so that you never feel restricted, confused, or broke again.

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Money doesn’t give you security and power, understanding money gives you security and power.
— Barbara Stanny
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What if you could finally...

Liberate yourself from the hustle and grind of working 50+ hour weeks with nothing to show for it. (Yes YOU can create a life worthy of your vision board —once you’ve got your financial house dialed to abundance-mode).

Never again experience that silent moment of panic when you’re at the cash register, frantically trying to calculate how much your iced almond milk latte will be after tax, and hoping that your debit card won’t be declined.

Feel like a “real adult” and a legitimate business owner because you know where your money is coming from each month, where it’s going to, and you’ve got a steadily growing savings account to prove it.


This. Is. Possible.

It begins with an awareness of the patterns and behaviors you have around money and how those patterns are manifested in your life today.

Once you have an understanding of your core money patterns and their origins, we can construct a personalized action plan to bust through those blocks. 

Money coaching circle to break through money blocks and limiting beliefs around money.
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We do this through the 6-week Money Coaching Circle

The Money Coaching Circle is an intimate group experience for women who want to identify their limiting money patterns and create a personal plan to release them.

This is a group coaching program for 4-6 creative entrepreneurs that want personalized guidance and support through the first phase in the holistic money transformation journey, called the Money Core Process over 6 weeks.


What’s included in The Money Coaching Circle:

weekly live group coaching calls

6 LIVE weekly money coaching circle sessions conducted via Zoom, where we meet for 90 minutes each time.

A private community

An invitation to access a private Slack group to continue the discussion in between sessions.

Custom action plan to remove your money blocks

A completely customized action plan to move you toward your desired financial outcomes.


How the Money Coaching process works:

  1. The first step in this journey looks at how your behaviors around money have formed throughout your life and where those behaviors came from (because finance requires a body-mind-spirit approach).
  2. Our 6 weekly coaching sessions are designed to coach you through this journey following the certified Money Core Process
  3. You’ll go through this journey with a small circle of sisters who also want to identify and release their limiting money blocks. So, while our live calls won’t go as deep as they might in a 1:1 package, you’ll experience the transformative energy of the group vibrations (don’t worry, it’s not all “woo”).
  4. Once we’ve uncovered both the positive and challenging money behavior patterns, we create a completely customized action plan to move you towards your desired outcomes.
  1. Then, we’re able to start moving beyond the core process by gently incorporating practical, behavioral and spiritual exercises to shift your money archetypal blueprint towards the traits that are necessary to be abundant in business (and life).
  2. After the circle closes, you’ll have the option to work with me as your guide to implement the action plan we designed for you. Then, as your financial muscle grows stronger, we can introduce a deeper understanding of how to create a budget, gain clarity from your financial reports, and ensure financial strategies that enables you to build sustainability + security long-term.
  3. The systems piece becomes the final part of this holistic journey (instead of starting with it as the first step —which so many of us try to do) so that you are more self-aware and know how to handle the resistance and triggers that show up around those systems.


We start June 4th at 2pm EST - Spots Limited


What happens next:

Apply to join our next money coaching circle

Click the “I WANT IN ON THIS” button above to fill in a brief application to make sure this is the right fit for you.

I'll send you some light homework

Within 72 hours, I’ll review your application and, if it looks like I can help, I’ll invite you to join us.

Pay the remainder before our session

You’ll pay the program fee and then I’ll send you all the details via email for the next quarterly circle.


Meet your guide and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Hi, I’m Jenny!

And I am really proud to be able to call myself a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Not because of the letters that I can add behind my name, but because this allows me to better serve you. 

For years I taught creative women entrepreneurs the financial systems and strategies that helped me transition into running a pet photography business full-time.

But jumping straight into budgeting and systems isn’t sustainable…

…because it doesn’t address those ingrained money patterns that you’ve built up over a lifetime. 

And my desire has always been to offer a truly holistic coaching program that addresses both the behavioral and the spiritual aspects of money. Which is why, as a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, I help you develop an empowered relationship with money by addressing the subconscious patterns that have formed since childhood. 

Together we’re going to identify how to enhance the key money archetypes that are essential to being successful in business, while addressing and transforming the self-sabotaging patterns that are your most challenging.

Hi, I'm Jenny Karlsson, the money mentor here at Financials for Creatives.
Janna Hockenjos
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I have tried spreadsheets, money apps, daily tracking, and savings plans. I’m not an idiot, and I know how all of the things work and can work for me. Still, nothing really worked or showed results. And no amount of self-coaching could pull me away from this edge of “just enough to make it work.”

Jenny was exactly what I needed, because her work goes beyond the numbers, deeper than the numbers, but it can change the numbers. Shifting your own personal paradigm around money is a process and it gets personal, and working with someone like Jenny allows you to be guided through it, cheered on, kept in check and on track.
— Janna Hockenjos

Questions that might be coming up for you…

+ Is the Money Core Process a prerequisite to working with you in general?

Yes. I recommend that all clients start with the initial core process, which you can do in this group format or one-on-one with me. However, if you are in need of a plan and a budget that will allow you to leave your full-time job in order to pursue your dream, I have a cash flow intensive specifically tailored for that purpose.

+ How are the Money Coaching Circle sessions conducted?

All sessions are conducted via weekly Zoom video calls. Each session is two hours. You will have recordings from each session so that you can go back and watch them again and stay present in the session.

+ What do I need to do in between sessions?

Between each session I will send you short assignments to be completed. These are tremendously powerful in constructing your personalized money coaching action plan.

+ What is the difference between money coaching and financial coaching?

Great questions! Money Coaching is a step-by-step coaching process that helps you understand and become more present to your patterns and behaviors around money. Financial coaching focuses on constructing a spending plan in your business and life so that you can increase your net worth step-by-step.

+ Do you offer refunds?

Because I dedicate myself to helping you achieve a tangible transformation, I expect you to show up and meet me halfway. For that reason I cannot give refunds on my services.

+ I have another question that’s not listed here.

Awesome! Send me your questions to and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


The Truth Is:


Money impacts ALL aspects of life…

Going through this Money Core process to understand your unconscious patterns & behaviors WILL have ripple effects in more ways than you can foresee. This happens over and over again for my clients and it is why this work is SO important.

I invite you to join me in this truly transformative group money coaching process