Confident money management for creative women... like you.

Gives you the freedom to create a life on your terms. 


Implementing smart solutions to increase your net worth and making sense out of numbers are my superpowers.


I’m the perfect counterbalance to your inherently-impulsive creative spirit: I’m detail-oriented, methodical, logical, organized, and only make decisions after careful consideration.

I look at your finances without emotion but NOT without empathy (think Spock meets Oprah). 

I hold a comfortable and safe space for you to talk about (and come to understand) your money.

I’m stellar at researching and processing information from various resources to analyze the problem and then create a smart solution. 

I don’t give off-the-cuff or generic advice but, instead, analyze your specific situation and then formulate the best plan for you.

I help you make your own rules with a set of guidelines to help you minimize risks, protect what you’ve built, and grow toward your goals.