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Meet your guide and Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Hi, I’m Jenny!

And I am really proud to be able to call myself a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Not because of the letters that I can add behind my name, but because this allows me to better serve you. 

For years I taught creative women entrepreneurs the financial systems and strategies that helped me transition into running a pet photography business full-time.

But jumping straight into budgeting and systems isn’t sustainable…

…because it doesn’t address those ingrained money patterns that you’ve built up over a lifetime. 

And my desire has always been to offer a truly holistic coaching program that also addresses the behavioral and the spiritual aspects of money. Which is why, as a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, I help you develop an empowered relationship with money by addressing the subconscious patterns that have formed since childhood. 

Together we’re going to identify how to enhance the key money behaviors that are essential to being successful in business, while addressing and transforming the self-sabotaging patterns that are your most challenging.

Hi, I'm Jenny Karlsson, the money mentor here at Financials for Creatives.

Knowing (how to manage) your money...

  • ...can save your life.
  • ...strengthens the receiving muscle.
  • ...allows you to do meaningful work AND get paid for it.
  • self-love.
  • ...creates trust in yourself and the universe.
  • ...ensures that you get to keep more of what you make.

...ultimately sets you free... and FREEDOM is worth more than all the money in the world.

Befriending Finance - VennDiagram-Website.png

Befriend Finance (one step at a time) by integrating body, mind, and spirit.

I will empower you with holistic tools + guidance to take control of your finances and make peace with your numbers (even if you’ve never liked math).

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Talking about money is HARD. Talking about the situations that lead you to have the issues you have with money is even HARDER. Jenny is so easy to talk to, she does her work magically (sometimes I feel like what we are talking about doesn’t have anything to do with anything and then BAM, she hits me with a reason it does) while making you feel super comfortable to get deep and vulnerable. She’s a little woo and a little practical which is a perfect balance when talking about money. She’s kind and supportive and just very good at what she does.
— Jennifer Henderson, A Fresh Event
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I know that YOU have what it takes to rewrite your story. My mission is to light the way so that you too can see just how powerful you are, and that you CAN trust yourself with money.